Hospital for Animals

Posted on Friday, February 27, 2015 by LEAD

Farming and agriculture depend on domestic animals. That is why successful farmers keep their cows healthy.
Yuvaraj D Patil from Nitawade village realized that there is no doctor to help farmers cure their animals. Yuvaraj is a student at VSM Institute of Technology, he decided to arrange a hospital for animals in the village of Nitawade.

Every family in the village has a cow or a buffalo. However, there is no veterinary clinic in the whole village. So, Yuvaraj decided to meet one veterinary doctor and to organize a hospital, so that a doctor can visit 3 times a week, educate farmers about health problems of their animals and examine them. Fortunately, the doctor accepted his request and the project was realized. Yuvaraj is happy that from now on, cows will stay healthy and milk production will increase. The impact of the Yuvaraj’s project for the whole village is huge and people are very grateful for Yuvaraj’s effort. Now diseases of domestic animals can be prevented, agriculture, farming and milk production can be increased improving the lives of many people in the village.

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