Shovel for Dung

Posted on Thursday, February 26, 2015 by LEAD

Every farmer faces many difficulties during the day. To make a life of a farmer a little better, Yuvaraj D Patil from VSM Institute of Technology in Nipani invented a shovel for dung. With the small amount of 100 rupees Yuvaraj was able to introduce a shovel for dung in the village of Nitawade. Knowing that sometimes farmers use their hands to remove dung, Yuvaraj decided to help them, as dung can cause skin problems. What is more, it can be really dangerous for farmers to clean after animals, as cows can step on their farmers’ hands and cause injuries.  Although it was not difficult for Yuvaraj to invent a shovel, the impact of his project is great. With the help of his project dung can be removed easily now, hands of the farmers will stay clean and farmers can avoid injuries.

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