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 Gajjala Geeta Pranavika from Andhra Pradesh was a part of LEAD Prayana, where she interacted with role models and inculcated values form them.  Inspired form role models she decided to take them initiation and do their bit to society. Geeta who was very much inspired by actions of role models acted quickly with boldness and unleashed her leadership potential to become a LEADer.

After LEAD Prayana 2015, when Geeta was back to college, like all others she too got busy. Her mind was back to studies but her heart was on her dreams. She wanted to contribute her best for the betterment of the society and improve the lives of others. So, when she got an opportunity to take an off from her college. She grabbed the opportunity and rushed to her native village of Griddalur of Nellore district. There she observed the government schools, her surrounding and got an idea to fulfill her desire.
LEADer Geeta took a session for 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th students about importance of Higher Education. She interacted with them and narrated few moral stories and eventually became one among them.

Without stopping at this, she took out a rally with more than 100 students to create awareness among villagers about cleanliness.
 She didn't stop at this. She even educated children about the importance of cleanliness and made them understand the need of “Swacch Bharath" . She introduced how “Green and Clean“ plays an important role in changing the face of the village. She also educated them about the idea of plantation in village.

Her hard work bore fruits when the students of the school innocently asked her when she was coming back to teach them more things and insisted that she visit them often and interact with them as many times as possible. To add on to her spirits and positive attitude, the principals of neighboring schools have invited her to address students of her college.

At the end of the day with this project, LEADer Geeta was happy and satisfied .She is excited and wishes to do more work and impact many more lives.

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