Child Bank Initiative by LEADer Ramesh

Posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 by LEAD

“I first made my investment at the age of 11. I was wasting time until then.”  --Warren Buffet

The above quote of Warren buffet, one of the world’s richest men stresses upon the importance of starting the savings early in life as money is very important to live a happy and a worry free life.

LEADer Ramesh Vaddodagi, a student of BSW of Jai Gurudev College used to tutor and tell stories to school children at the Dyamavva Devi temple in the village Managuli, in Vijayapura district. During these sessions he noticed that children were too poor to afford notebooks and pens required for their schooling. This created a need in front of him to empower kids in financial matters. Thus the idea of piggy bank for children was born and he took up a LEAD project on the same. For this he sought the help of a 27 member local youth group - Yuvashakti  Sanghatane - of which he was also a part.

The Children Piggy bank allows children to start depositing from Re 1.  The notepads are provided with the account holders photo. The notepad acts as their passbook and four phone numbers are written at the last page of the note pad. These phone numbers can be used by the children to call Ramesh and get the saved money when required. Children can draw not only saved money but also four to five times of their balance.

This initiative of LEADer Ramesh Vaddodagi has got off on a roaring success. Not only children even women have started of planning to invest in his bank. 

This LEAD project also got him “The Best LEADer Award” in LEAD Valedictory 2015 at Vijayapur.

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