LEADers Day with special Children

Posted on Monday, April 13, 2015 by LEAD

“Children with disabilities are like butterflies with broken wings. They're just as beautiful as other children but they just need a little help to spread their wings."  

 LEADer Kirti and LEADer Priyadarshini of Karnataka Science College, Dharwad along with her team organized a visit school of special children  and conducted activities for them to entertain the children and also to learn more about life .

The LEADers and the team members Nitin, Divya,Vijay, Sushant, Shivraj, Nidhi and Sujata set out on high spirits to meet children. The main challenge of their activity planned was to come up with games and events which would suit special kids. Thus, before visiting school, they gathered up all the knowledge related to special children and understood the abilities of these children and thus planned activities accordingly. 

Sujata says “As soon as we entered in the place each and every person in the team had a big natural smile on their faces. The first glimpse of those special children was itself very wonderful. As soon as we started conducting activities we got a very positive response from all children. All of them were as excited as us”.

The team encouraged students to display their hobbies like singing and dancing. The main objective of this project was to do something for special kids which is different from their daily routine and provide them an opportunity to have a change in their routine. At the same time, LEADers got an opportunity to experience a new thing and see life from someones life.
LEADers after this project said “Among the lot of things we learned from the visit, the most highlighted one was learning to keep a smile no matter what so ever goes wrong in life. Some of us cry that we don’t have I Phones but those kids were happy just because someone was clicking their picture, this positivity is something we can really learn and apply in our lives”.

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