"Jnana key" by LEADer Sagar Santaji

Posted on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 by LEAD

“Education is not the learning of facts but training of the mind to think”  Albert Einstein

In our society, education is more about scoring and acquiring certificates where as in the real sense education is meant for overall development of the individual. LEADer Sagar and his team member believed in Albert Einstein’s statement. So they wanted to create awareness about education and its significance among children. He wanted children to use education to unleash their potential. Sagar Santaji of Gogte Institute of Technology along with his teammate Seema K implemented the project “Jnana Key” in schools of Belgaum district.

In his first project, he conducted a session for 80 students of J.R.D High School , Halaga, and gave them proper guidance to choose career of their interest. He initially took permission from School Principal to conduct a session for their students. Then he got speaker, projector and Screen from his college. After getting all the requirements, he conducted the session. 

During his first session, they interacted with students, made them aware about right way of pursuing education and how it helps us in leading life. He enlightened students that proper way of studying and told them studying is not restricted to only scoring, education is beyond scoring. He motivated the students by showing few videos. At the end of the session, he and his team asked few mind teaser questions to students. Students participated actively and showed lot of interest. They even answered all the questions.

After the success of his first project, he did several projects. In his later projects, he also added computer training to his Jnana Key Project where basics of Computers and Internet are being taught. He uses computer lab of his college to educate children. He has totally done 6 sessions of Jnana Key.

Principal and school staffs are impressed with the hard work of LEADer Sagar and they support and encourage him to take sessions.
Sagar through these LEAD projects learned time management and developed his skills of team management. Sagar says, “Education is very important and with education comes confidence and with confidence, one becomes strong and positive. Education, confidence, strength and positive thinking are required live a normal life”.

By his project “Jnana Key” , Sagar has taken steps of creating a stronger India.

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