LEADership Camp 2015 at Kalaburgi

Posted on Thursday, April 02, 2015 by LEAD

College is the best place to ignite the dynamic leadership quality among the young generation. Leadership camp is an excellent platform for college students to develop their leadership skills.  Kalaburagi LEADers witnessed leadership camp of two days at Malakhed village on 8th and 9th January 2015. In this camp, every participant proved that he is a change maker in the society.

During two day’s leadership camp, leaders tried to create a new era in their real world where entire community people were eyes popped out by looking on leaders action.

On the first day of the camp, LEADers participated in team building activities, creative chart presentation and many more. With these activities, LEADers put in efforts to overcome stage fear and to develop the habit of mingling with everyone.

Every participant added bunch of ideas by observing the community. First day of the camp concluded by sharing real experience of camp,great humor as well as with feedback.

The second day of the camp started with reflection and team building activities, later all team entered into the community with new strategies.  The leaders tried to solve many problems. One of the most impact full initiative during the camp was: prevention of contagious disease.  So, the team approached the local body which provided the bleaching powder. They used it to clean disinfect the locality and prevent diseases. The team also worked to create awareness about cleanliness among people of the locality.

The entire two days camp was concluded with honoring the Gram Panchayat President who had supported two days Leadership Camp at Kalaburgi.

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