LEADer Vinayaka's fund collection for Blind students

Posted on Thursday, April 30, 2015 by LEAD

"The world's biggest power is the youth"

India can achieve its full potential only when the youth of the country wake up and start working towards their country. Among one such enthusiastic youth  who wants to bring change in his society is LEADer Vinayaka Belakki from K H Patil Degree College, Hulkoti. 
LEADer Vinayaka thought about the blind students who cannot enjoy the beauty of the world around.Hence with an intention to help them, he took up a LEAD project to collect funds and donate it to , he decided to collect funds and donate it to Putraj Gawai Ashrama which is solely run on the voluntary donations its devotees . It is an ashrama founded by Pandit Putraj Gawai where born blind and orphans are fed and educated.

He began his LEAD project by taking the permission of police commissioner to collect the fund in the town of Hulkoti. Once he obtained the permission he made a box with "Donation for Blind children" written on it. Then he visited shops in the town and requested for the fund.

Finally, with the hard work, LEADer Vinayaka along with his team members Shreekant, Basamma, Mahantesh,  Fakiramma succeeded in collecting Rs. 2505/-. THis amount he donated to Putrajgawai Ashrama. Asharam staffs were delighted with the efforts put in by Leader Vinayaka. So they honored him with a certificate.

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