Fund collection for Nepal by Kalaburagi LEADers

Posted on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 by LEAD

The beautiful country Nepal which is nested in the shadow of the Mt. Everest has been repeatedly hit with earthquake. It is very saddening for us to witness the death and pain looming over the mountain country. As neighbors of Nepal, It creates sense of responsibility for us to help them in the time of their distress.

 LEADer Akash of Kalaburagi took an initiative to lend a helping hand to Nepalese. He thought of collecting money in his city and donating it to Nepal Relief Fund. For this task, he formed a team of 10 members from different colleges such as Appa College o f Engineering, Goduthai College of Engineering, Vivekanada College of Engineering, Shetty Polytechnic College of Kalaburagi. The members in his team were
Aditya Nag, Kaveri. Praanita, Reshma, Shivani Awasthi, Suprita, Sirish, Shivraj Kumar, Shaik Mohd Ul Huk, Preeti. Students under the guidance of LEAD met businessmen and convinced them the importance of donating.

With their efforts, students of LEAD collected Rs. 25000/-. They took DD in the name of "Prime Minister National Fund Relief" of this amount and gave it to Deputy Commissioner of Kalaburagi to ensure that the amount reaches the right people.

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