LEader Supriya of BLDEA’s A. S. Patil College of Commerce MBA Programme, Bijapur

Posted on Friday, September 04, 2015 by LEAD

LEader Supriya, Shakti Jain, Varsha Darbar, Trupti Ajagond, Daneshwari Jambagi, Prachi Porwal from BLDEA’s A. S. Patil College of Commerce MBA Programme thought of an initiative called cost effective Organic farming with the purpose of educating the people of Vijayapura about organic farming and promoting in setting up the private kitchen garden in each ones home.

Initially Supriya purchased 200 saplings of capsicum and tomato with the support of LEAD Program and approached people at door to door to sell them and explained people about the importance of organic farming and the kitchen gardening.

As it was a unique initiative, other leaders of the college took up the same initiative as a part of the event Impetus and sold 1000 saplings. The amount that was collected after selling the plants was amounted to Rs. 18,050/- donated to the Bijapur orphanage at Vijayapura which will be utilized to plant the saplings of fruits and vegetables in the land of about one and half acre. The action taken up by the LEaders will bare good fruit to the kids at the orphanage in near future. The kind act as also contributed to nature in planting several plants and also has made way for the people to grow their own vegetables.

LEader Supriya says that after taking up the initiative she has gained confidence and developed the skills of convincing people and its has helped her in thinking of new ideas which will help in the betterment of the society.

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