Library in the Slum by LEADer Abhishek HJ

Posted on Wednesday, January 06, 2016 by LEAD

After noticing that his family and many of the people in his residential area had books they did not use, Abhishek H J from Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology in Davangere came up with an idea to share the knowledge that was sitting idle.

Abhishek visited kirani shops to collect donations of paper boxes, and then him and his LEAD team went to residential areas to collect books that people had already read or did not have time to read or use any longer. The team brought the donated books to the slums in SJM Nagar in order to help educate those living in the area. These books included children’s books as well as education books that would help individuals study for exams to get out of unemployment.

 Abhishek and his LEAD team have now raised over 350 books and have been given permission to store the books in a small room which now acts as a free library in SJM Nagar. With only 50 rs of funding from LEAD, this project has helped over 1000 people gain access to free knowledge in the slum.

While Abhishek notes that it has been a challenge to convince people to both donate books and access the free library, the struggles were worth it for the success and he plans to continue with this project in his free time in order to expand the library.

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