SAR Safety with LEADer Rahul S A

Posted on Saturday, January 23, 2016 by LEAD

Rahul S A, a LEADer from DRM Science College, was concerned about the SAR value in mobile phones.

SAR, or specific absorption rate, is a value that measures the amount of radiation absorbed into the head while using a mobile phone.

Rahul has a lot of knowledge about this topic, and discovered a simple way to reduce SAR values in mobile phones during his research. However, he also knew that many people were oblivious to the health concerns, or didn't even know about SAR.

So, he shared his knowledge with others, teaching people about the issues surrounding SAR values, how to determine the SAR value of their phone, and how to lower the SAR value in old mobile phones by fixing small circuits in the back of their phones.

While Rahul found it difficult to approach and interact with strangers, he learned new skills and persevered through the challenges. In the end, over 1000 individuals were educated about SAR values by Rahul and his team.

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