Teaching Digital Skills to Housewives with LEADer Sweta Khinnavar

Posted on Tuesday, January 12, 2016 by LEAD

Sweta Khinnavar, a LEADer from Maratha Mandal Engineering College in Belgaum, noticed that many women were eager to learn more computer skills, but often lacked the opportunities to gain these skills unless they worked in an office job or were taught by family. 

Sweta began teaching some of the housewives in her community basic computer skills for her project IT NAARI, such as creating files and folders, watching movies, playing songs, transferring files, and turning the laptop on and off. However, Sweta learned that many of the women did not have computers of their own, so oftentimes she would teach the women using her own computer. 

After several sessions, more women began coming to the workshops and she found out that the women were calling their friends to tell them about how great the project was. Not only this, the women were then interested in Sweta's other LEAD projects. 

Sweta found that in teaching the women, she was in fact teaching the whole family because the women were sharing their learning, impacting even more lives that just participants of her project. She hopes to expand the workshops to include internet skills including email, Youtube, Google, and more. 

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