Don't Smoke! with LEADer Tara M

Posted on Monday, March 28, 2016 by LEAD

LEADer Tara M from ABR PG College (Anpara) understands the many negative effects of smoking, but was concerned that many members of her community did not. She felt compelled to educate them about the many reasons they should not smoke or use tobacco products, including raised blood pressure, increased chance of macular degeneration and stroke, and negative impacts on the lungs, heart, mouth, and throat.

Tara and her group visited the slum areas, where they though awareness about the dangers of smoking would be the lowest. Armed with signs and knowledge, they stopped people in the streets and visited homes to relay their message of health.

Out in the community, there was two highlights. One man, after the LEADers explained the dangers and pointed out the notice on his tobacco pack that "smoking is injurious to health, tore his packet of tobacco in half and said he would never touch tobacco again. Another women, after speaking with the LEADers, asked for forgiveness and promised to live free of tobacco and alcohol.

Tara considers this project only the first step in her motivations to "stop all the nonsense" and work together "towards a day when there is no alcohol, smoking, or tobacco factories".

1 Response to "Don't Smoke! with LEADer Tara M"

Mohammad Sufiyan Danish Says....

Really, this program which is done by Tara and her group is very much effective for our society because many of the people who are getting ill and afterward they die is only the reason of the tobacco. Everyone know that tabacco is injurious for the healths but the people in the society are act like that they are asleep. Well, this is type of the program which help the people to awake. Well done to all of you.