My Story: Arpit Srivastava

Posted on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 by LEAD

MY STORY: Arpit Srivastava, Amity University Uttar Pradesh

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”
In this context, I, LEADer ARPIT SRIVASTAVA, from spiritual city Varanasi, will present my leadership story.  It’s a phenomenal fact that behind any positive implementation there are nurtured ideas whose existence defines valuable humanity. For me the biggest challenge was my attributes, as I don’t know about my internal properties and in consequences. Every time I feel myself weak in different field like communications or academics, I saw myself as just an average which forces me to feel as a failure and lose my self identity.
But, by joining LEAD program after an orientation at IIT-BHU, I got courage and confidence and I realized that I do have many choices; many doors are now also open for me in form of opportunities. Thus I took a valuable decision for myself and I have done two projects “SAMANVAY” & “VRIKSHAROPAN”.  
Vriksharopan project
“VRIKSHAROPAN” is near to my heart as I feel direct connect with nature. I used waste materials like large drums and containers which were in stores in a useless way. Thus, I took an initiative to give identity to those useless non living materials to protect living beings. I planted many plants in those waste materials and I also used my roof area to plant small herbs and vegetables like coriander leaves, tulsi, garlic, chilli, lemon, tomato, beans, and aloe vera. I this way I am contributing my efforts in protecting the environment and nature, and I think that our society will also look forward in contribution on their own level and can help in conserving nature in a sustainable way. “Everything present on this Earth has its own identity, it’s just a way of perception”; which gives me enough strength to prove that I do have potential to make things alive.
Playing with slum children in Varanasi

As an Social Media Intern with LEAD, I also got to observe things which were new for me from all the four sides. It has given me an innovative experience; forces me to think from all the sides.Thus for me as an Intern I do realize that both quality & quantity were necessary to exemplify the attributes. So now I know my attributes, now I know how I can evaluate myself; to implement positive ideas for society, by society and to society. 

Thanks in part to the confidence and skills I learned in LEAD, I won first award in the Entrepreneurial Business Presentation at Kashi Institute of Tech, Varanasi. I presented a model "BioDeX", a reactor that can help in detoxifying toxic chemicals which are used in dye industries. Unwanted dyes directly drained into water bodies which makes it contaminated for living beings.

Winning my award for "BioDex"
Being a LEADer & an entrepreneur, as well as a LEAD intern, I am using my academic & social strength for the betterment of society & “what was my weakness, today that is my strength”. The outcome is now positive for me; it teaches me that how to inculcate, evaluate myself on a socio-technical platform, it teaches me how to explain my views in a professional way. LEAD, not only gives me a platform but also it gave me an identity which cannot be earn by other means.
”If nature exists, then only we exists”.