LEAD Idea Bank

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1. Installation of ballcock mechanism n water tanks to prevent water overflow
2. Kali-Nali- Teaching kids of laborers at construction site
3. Green Revolution(Plantation)
4. Utsah- Educating differently abled students
5. Kala(Pot painting)
6. Collaborative Tools Training Team
7. Renovation of park
8. Increasing computational power- Mathematics to school kids
9. Best out of waste and enhancing skills- Collection of unused papers and preparing note books out of that.
10. Data Base of Rented Houses -Solving the issue of terrorism
11. Cleanliness & maintenance of Udyanvan
12. Healthy Society-Our responsibility- Cancer education for women
13. Educating about Internet- School students
14. Educating about Internet- PU students
15. Educating about Vitamin A dosage sponsored by the government in slum areas
16. Creation and maintenance of park in a residential area
17. Improving English speaking skills of kannada medium students
18. Collaborative Tools Training (4)
19. Prevention of child labor in hotels- Education to them
20. Inter high school quiz competation
21. To give the knowledge of the computers,communication & presentation skills
22. Globe Trekker,a unique social exhibition for students
23. Provision of clothing to the destitute
24. Lets play n learn- Teaching kids
25. Jeevan Jyoti Project- Educating mentally retarded students
26. Blood Line
27. Career guidance
28. Communal Harmony
29. Nail clipping to poor children- To maintain cleanliness and thereby preventing the attack of disease.
30. Irradiation of women illiteracy (2)
31. Soil fertility, disease resistant property to plants by COSMIC RAYS (2)
32. Sensitization of Auto drivers (6)- Providing them with an identity card which includes their personal information including their blood group.
33. Cloth Bank- Collecting clothes from rich people and distributing them to poor.
34. GSMS- Booking the gas through SMS
35. Web platform for NGO- Developing websites for NGOs
36. Society Clean Up- Cleaning and maintaining the garden
37. Computer Basics- For school children
38. Vermi Technology for Scientific management of household waste
39. Eye care treatment for people in old age homes
40. No plastic in BVB Campus- Making the BVB campus plastic free
41. Removal of Parthenium-A harmful weed- In BVB campus
42. Quality assessment of water in BVB campus
43. Educating physically challenged, poor children- Basic through creative arts
44. Eye trainer
45. Fine art camp for poor children
46. Peace march on republic day
47. Technical & computer education to the remand home girls
48. Information system via SMS (2)- Sending useful messages on agriculture and many more things to the villagers.
49. Village Gardening (2)
50. Automatic water level controller-conservation & management of water
51. Spray painting and Design on pots to orphans
52. Solving parking problem in BVB Campus- Making a parking system
53. High Beam Stickers
54. Encourage E-literacy
55. Information system
56. Development of Garden
57. Electronic Security Systems
58. Jeevamrit (Alternative natural liquid fertilizer)
59. E-edu- Computer Education to Govt. School Children
60. Study of relation of prakrati (body constitution) with diabetes and hypertension
61. Computer Basics to Govt. Officials
62. Pragathi (Cultural Event)- interschool cultural fest to bring out the hidden talents in the students
63. Parihar - Solved Garbage problem of the area
64. A helping hand for poor and needy
65. Leg exercising aid for the disabled children
66. Career guidance 10+2 Govt. College Students
67. Step towards Healthy environment - Unkal lake gardening
68. Increasing computational power - vedic maths to school children
69. Computer Education
70. Creating awareness to illiterate people (Human Rights)
71. Check it out- A teaching tool for differently abled children
72. Bus Timings Board- putting the bus timing board in different bus stops
73. E2 - Learning (Effective Learning using Electronics)- Teaching electronics to the students using kits
74. Awareness about eye donation (3)- Eye donation registration
75. Energy Management (3)- Awareness to the house holds about saving the electricity
76. Medicine Bank (2)
77. Educating about Vitamin A dosage sponsored by the government in slum areas (2)
78. Helpline to exam goers (10th std)
79. Eradication of women illiteracy
80. Blood Line
81. Preparation for Mathematics Exam
82. Crash Course in Mathematics
83. Upliftment of less empowered (mentally challenged children)- Recreational activities for them
84. Computer Learning (for govt. school children) (2)
85. Maths made easy
86. Computer Education (5)
87. Renovation of Garden in Orphanage
88. Be the change: Awareness about emergency nos.- Distributing the pamphlets having emergency nos. in different colleges
89. Paper Recycling
90. Problems in pre-primary education (Basic Education to kids)
91. TT Tournament- Inter college
92. Emission test
93. Coth and Toys Bank
94. Shakthi – SHG- Creating livelihood for poor women
95. Shakthi – Clothing
96. Development of Garden
97. Helpline- Software for strangers in Hubli
98. Park Improvement
99. Renovation of garden
100. Computer and hardware education
101. Maintenance of Community Garden
102. Shakthi - Replacing with energy saving bulbs
103. Parihar - Paper Bags
104. Children Counselling - sending them back to schools
105. Sanitation- Construction of toilets
106. Plantation
107. Poverty eradication through sustainable income generation activities for SC families
108. Career guidance
109. Indian Games- Intra school sports competition
110. Community Centre of Poor children- Khe Khel me panda sikho
111. Nisarga - Renovation of Park
112. School Ground Sanitation Program
113. Nisarga Nirmana - Park Renovation
114. Plantation
115. Women Literacy
116. Health, education, environment, advocacy with children participation through folksongs
117. Play Ground Cleaning
118. Renovation of park
119. Jeevanmukhi - Cloth Bank
120. Jal Suraksha
121. Children Education
122. PRAJNA - Right to Information
123. Enhancing physical education in primary school
124. Drinking water connection to primary school students
125. Save water- Water tank repair
126. RAINBOW - 'Handlooms and Handicraft training to poor women
127. Planting of Trees
128. Educating poor children
129. Education to illiterate women
130. Rainbow- Artificial jewelry and lace making
131. Literacy in Neharunagar
132. Cleanliness and Plantation (3)
133. Skill development – Embroidery work training
134. Plantation and Education of medicinal plants
135. Lack of quality books- Collecting unused text books from college students and placing them in the library
136. Cloth Bank (2)
137. Blood Bank
138. Medicine Bank
139. Kiran- A ray of hope- Teaching orphans
140. Teaching Yoga
141. Canteen in the KUD campus
142. Reuse of unused paper
143. Career councelling for 10th students
144. Health awareness among the slum dwellers and villagers
145. Communication skills and grooming program
146. Nirmal Yojana(giving proper water facility)
147. Edu-Banking (2)- Education about banking to school children
148. Medicine Bank (2)
149. Computer Education to minority school
150. Recreation and motivational activities with prisoners
150. Soil health cards for farmers

150. Soil health cards for farmers
151. Participatory Seed production
152. Eco-clubs in schools
153. Educating farmers on specific crop/ technology through demonstration
154. Awareness building on ill-effects of pesticides
155. Compost making – NADEP
156. Kitchen garden promotion
157. Bank linkages to SHGs
158. Awareness building on various government schemes
159. Mushroom cultivation
160. Sharing marketing information with farmers
161. Introduction of improved implements
162. Building linkages between farmers and development agencies
163. Promotion of botanical extracts in pest management
164. Capacity building of farmers through modular trainings
165. Conducting PRA (Primary Rural Appraisal)
166. Maintaining sanitation in villages through people participation
167. Dairy promotion
168. Azolla promotion
169. Common and barren land development
170. Bore-well recharge (through NREGS)
171. Animal health camps
172. Crop health camp (Interaction between farmers and subject matter specialists)
173. Promotion of fisheries (by linkage with fishery department)
174. Promotion of better irrigation practices (drip/sprinkler/other)
175. Promotion of medicinal plants
176. Conducting PTD (Participatory Technology Development) with farmers
177. Creating awareness on importance of balance diet (especially with women)
178. Promotion of youth clubs in villages


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