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Posted on Saturday, August 01, 2009 by LEAD

Students today have the responsiveness and are capable of bringing about change in the social order, but our system lacks proper mechanism to extract that potential in every individual. Only an outdoing person gets the identity and opportunity to lead and the individual can contribute to world significantly.
LEAD '09 is a dais for the college students to explore their leadership skills, not outsized but with a small beginning. As envisaged by the legend Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, the revolutionary change in social culture could be achieved through this very new opportunity which is a combination of social concept and student interaction. LEAD acts as the bridge that fills the gap between historical and new age India.

Lead '09 is coming up with more excitement, bigger and scalable projects with increasing number of students participating enthusiastically with a larger goal of making India crisis-free in their own way of student movement.
"Short Movie Competition", "OASIS09" etc. are some of the events that exhibited the LEADership and creativity of LEADers.
There are various social and economic avenues in which today's young LEADers work to bring out the change in the society. Follow the links below to take a look at some of those projects in detail.

If you are interested, you just need to follow these points.

> Explore and pick a problem in your society you want to solve. > Think and plan a solution (may be innovative or traditional) for it. > Make a team of 5 (should be undergraduate students).
> For further information you can directly Contact LEAD Office.

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2 Response to "LEAD '09"

Anonymous Says....

hi i am shrinivas shastri studying in llb and social worker
i m stunned after visiting ur site
and works micro social change!! but it leads to the macro and more than that!! if time allows me to work with ur foundation i do
thanks u r in lead to awakeing hubli dharwad people to the better life!!

Megha Hegde Says....

LEAD rocks!!! Its great to work with young LEADers in LEAD... Long way to go!