Project: Medical Garden and Usage

Posted on Tuesday, November 03, 2009 by LEAD

LEADer: Vikrant Bhati
Project Implementation Place: AMV, Hubli
Project Implemention Date: 14-09-09 to 27-09-09

Project Description
: "We the students of A.M.V came up with an idea to develop a medical garden within our campus. Our objective was to give the right information to the students about the medical usages of the plants and its uses, by mentioning its botanical name, its family and its chemical composition. To implement this project we used some unusable tin materials and painted the botanical name and its chemical compositions of the particular plant and its usages. We divided the whole garden into plots and renovated the whole garden and planted some medical plants. The project has a very good follow up by the students."

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akshay rm Says....

hi,vikrant bhati

everything is good, and i would like to ask what is the expenditure to this project and where u collected that fund...pls reply.