Posted on Wednesday, November 18, 2009 by LEAD

Heavy rains lashed thousands of villages, made people homeless, people lost their families, everything around seemed inhuman, this was the time when student LEADers initiated the relief operation forming groups to gather all the necessary aid. When the common man realized how hard the floods had hit northern part of Karnataka, the relief material flooded in huge quantity. Realizing how connected the regional people felt about their fellow beings who suffered losses, they donated generously. From a layman to a big businessman in the city joined hands to rehabilitate the flood fatalities.OASIS…EK Umeed,

The charity cultural extravaganza was one such event organized headed by LEAD on 28th of October 2009 to thank people of Hubli for their generosity. The show began with welcoming the crowd by the anchors Chaitra and Soumya. The guests of honor for the evening were, J K group of institutions’ chairman Shri Jagdish Kallyanshettar and the director of DCSE Mr. Naveen Jha. Various dance performances and skits were staged by the colleges of Hubli like KLE’s CBA, JGCC, PC JABIN, FATIMA, JAIN college, oxford BBA. Each skit had its own theme depicting various evils of the society and about how the system worked. In such situation it was also showcased that youth needed to take initiation in eradicating the social evils and LEAD program supported such initiatives taken. The dances and role plays were judged by the judges for the show, Mr Sunil the choreographer of “TALENTS” fame in Hubli..

Apart from competitors’ performances, there were classical dance showcased by Natyanjali Nritya Kala Kendra, beautifully depicting the traditions of our country.
The crowd was addressed by the Pogram Manager of LEAD Mrs. Annie Vijaya and then the winners for the evening were announced by the judges. KLE’s CBA and JAIN College were the winners for dance and skit respectively. The event ended with a musical show by a band of BVBCET . The support extended by various business houses in Hubli immensely contributed in making the event a successful one. The hard work of the LEAD team in raising flood relief fund paid off in a great manner with the support of the Program

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