Project: Teaching Daily Wage Women Workers

Posted on Monday, March 22, 2010 by LEAD

Heena, a sixth semester student of PDIT (Proudha Devaraya Institute of technology), Hospet, attended the first session of LEAD orientation in September. After the session she wanted to do something and she visited the slum areas near Vivekanand Nagar behind the RTO office in Hospet. She came up with the idea to make literate the daily wage women workers from the slums so that they can at least read the boards of buses and make their signature. Heena formed a team of five members and started working on this. First of all she convinced her parents to allow her to go to the slum area. She visited the project area and convinced women about the importance of education in their lives and gave them a ray of hope in writing their signature instead of putting a thumbprint.

Initially Heena and her team started with 11 women to teach. When she started this work, some men were passing comments but the team didn’t look back and within one week there were 25 women attending the regular classes. Heena and her teammates worked on this after regular classes (after 5.30pm) and on Sundays. Within a period of one month, Heena had helped 24 women to successfully read and write. From the team 8 girls dropped out who were from the regular studies and they gained confidence back to study.

In November 2009 Heena has got “Best Committed Leader Award” for her committed work. Now the slum people have improved perspectives about women and education.


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