Project: Useful Ropes out of Used Tyres

Posted on Thursday, April 15, 2010 by LEAD

ropes out of used tyres,Geeta Hegde, Have you ever thought that used tyres from vehicles could be so useful? Yes, we found out this innovative idea that were used in far villages. Tyres can produce strong and durable ropes with small investment and can generate self employment to many villagers.

This is the project where the main focus is on how the waste material can be used as a product with at most utility. Here we have chosen the waste Tyre of a lorry which is processed into making of ropes for multipurpose use.

One waste tyre can produce maximum of 3000 ropes. The process of converting a tyre into multipurpose wire needs various weapons E.g. Axe, sickle and other household equipments. These bundles of ropes are purchased by the local Rural development societies and sold to the ultimate users. These ropes can be used as alternative to Jute ropes which are commonly used.
The local farmers are the great buyers for these ropes which are widely used for their agricultural activities.
A single used tyre which cost Rs.150/- , can produce as maximum as 3000 ropes. It is further divided into 100 ropes per bundle and same can be sold for Rs.22 per bundle. A tyre can give a profit of Rs.185/- deducting all the expenses for making of ropes.

So this was our project and we expect you to share this idea to others in your villages too. Lets LEAD change. Thanks. LEADer: Geeta Hegde
ropes out of used tyres,Geeta Hegde

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