LEAD Initiative: A Million Smiles, a Campaign for HIV Patients

Posted on Saturday, December 18, 2010 by LEAD

An initiative of LEAD (LEADers Accelerating Development), from 1-12-2010 to 8-12-2010

As we looked at the calendar we found that the 1st December was World Aids Day. This inspired the LEADers to organize a campaign in support of HIV patients. The LEAD HIV campaign started early in morning, at 7am, when the sun had risen in the horizon. More than 100 LEADers from across Hubli Dharwad, Belgaum, Bijapur, and Hospet took an active part in the campaign.

  • 8 teams from BVB Engineering College
  • 3 teams from KLE IT
  • 2 teams from SDMCET Dharwad
  • 1 team from Jain College Belgaum
  • 1 team from KLECET Belgaum
  • 2 teams from B.L.D.E.A.’s Engineering College
  • 1 team from KCP College Bijapur
  • 1 team from PDIT engineering college Hospet
HIV positive vulnerable kids are excluded from the society and are deprived of nutrition and education. Thus, LEADers wanted to raise money for them. The LEADers put in their best efforts to reach as many people as possible, not only during the day but also when the sun went down.

The impact the campaign had on the public was tremendous. More than 25,000 students and the general public were covered. More than RS. 75,000 were raised by LEADers in a single week which is commendable. Students covered BVB college campus, PC Jabins campus, Kotambri College campus, Koppikar road, Vidyanagar area, Deshpande Nagar, Chetan College campus, Global College campus, SDM Engineering College campus, Akshay colony area, Kusuagal road, Madura colony, Industrial estate and in Belgaum Leaders covered KLECET College of engineering campus, Jain College Campus. In Bijapur LEADers covered all the major B.L.D.E.A.’s colleges campus, professionals, shopkeepers and showrooms, local community leaders and also Chairman of BLDE Association. All people heartily accepted the young student leaders’ requests and donated benevolently.

Mr. Ajay Suman and Radhakrishna Nayak, Program Managers of LEAD, asked the students to take initiative and be solution providers rather than being problem creators, to bring change in their world by solving local problems in an innovative way. According to LEADers who took part in this campaign, they got an opportunity to explore and bring out the hidden potential that was within. During the campaign, some people donated generously and some had to be convinced. This was a very good platform for the LEADers to experiment, while doing these experiments they received enormous learning. LEADers had to make decisions, communicate information, convince people, and raise funds. This event proved that LEADers can  multitask.
This whole week a strong message of “We Care, so should YOU” was conveyed by the LEADers. Many people were encouraged to contribute to this cause which will certainly have an impact on the vulnerable kids affected with HIV and will beyond doubt bring a million smiles to their faces.

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