Project: Eye Check-up Camp for School Students

Posted on Monday, December 06, 2010 by LEAD

LEADer: Kavya Bhagwat
College: MES Commerce College, Sirsi

Kavya Bhagwat is very happy now because of his project. "Now I got clear picture about how to take an initiative for a project as a good leader."
Her project "Eye Check-up" was completed on 30-11-2010. The Project was implemented at Kalleshwar High School, Sirsi, in which Anupama, Bhagwat, Ranjana, Patagar, and Chaitra Bhagwat supported him as team members. Kavya started the project on 7-11-2010. There is a long gap between starting and ending date of the project because of some problems. 
"On 23-11-10 we have decided to conduct the project but at that time there was an inter school competition. So we were not able to conduct camp on that day too.
Most of the students of this school were from backward classes so I approached LEAD to get support and I got it. There are in total 90 students who are studying at G.H.S Kalleshwar. All the teachers appreciated my initiative. Out of 90 students 7 students were found with eye problems, others were found all normal after their eye check up."

As per the doctor who did the check up all the students will get spectacles free of cost under a government health scheme. "I am happy to say that because of me 7 students will get eye treatments who were really not able to bear the cost of treatment and attend the hospital.
This was my first project in LEAD but I learned a lot about how to lead in any situation. I build up good relationship with the doctors and teachers."

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