Project: Paper Recycling

Posted on Sunday, May 29, 2011 by LEAD

Team Leader: Akshay.C.Nigadi

Team Members: Shreya.R  Saroja.B Shashank. Anup  Prateek.N

Implementation: DCSE, Hubli

Date: December 2010

College: BVBCET

Akshay and his team had a big task ahead of them. As of 30 December 2010, he had set out to complete 700 notepads that would be used in the Development Dialogue at DCSE on 27th January 2011. As a part of the project Akshay and his team collected unused examination papers from BVB CET. Akshay said that the project was challenging and he felt full of doubts about its completion at the time.

After procuring papers from his department, the task was cut out. The result of which would be a whopping 700 notepads from waste paper with the name of their project ‘Retro Recyclers’. Although the initial idea was to make a mere 100 notepads, Akshay decided to push the boundaries and make 700. He says that the key essence to the success of such a project is time management. Collection of newspapers is quick although the trimming and binding of the books take time.

Akshay says a leader learns out of experience and he could not have asked for a better opportunity to test his entrepreneurial skills. He is fully satisfied with the project. When people who had used the notepad were asked, they said: “the books are an innovative idea. Generally one side of the paper goes unused and by using waste paper, Akshay and team have made a point of preserving paper and thinking differently." The beneficiary DCSE congratulated him on his on this achievement.


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