Project: The Art of Banking

Posted on Friday, October 14, 2011 by LEAD

Title: Banking literacy

Team leader: Shweta Hegde

College: MES college

Place: Shiraguni, Sirsi

Date: 10/12/2010

Shweta, a commerce student herself, knows the importance of banking, especially at a young age where the idea of saving can be incorporated easily. She decided to educate a few 10th graders in the local government school about banking. The lecture included why students should open bank accounts, the advantages of ATM cards and transactions using cheques. Shweta said, “well, these students will be leaving for bigger cities for further education and it will be so much easier for them if they know how to transact in a bank."

Shweta thought the task was challenging, as the bank manager declined her offer, saying that they were out of forms. Shweta convinced him and obtained the forms from the syndicate bank. By the end of the project,  25 out of 50 students had opened bank accounts in SSLC. Out of 25 students, 10 students have deposited cash. Some of them deposited 100/-, while some some of them 500/-. Other students opened their account with zero balance.

This project has helped Shweta realize that she can use her knowledge for the betterment of students and society. She has also learned the skill of communicating and convincing people. 

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