Project: Yoga for Health!

Posted on Friday, October 14, 2011 by LEAD

Team leader: Pavitra Hegde

Date : 31 /10/2010

Place: Battagere, Sirsi

College: MES Commerce College

Yoga is a remedy for many problems. Having seen that women need exercise to keep fit, but lack the time for it, Pavitra chose to teach 25 daily wage women workers the art of yoga for a period of 8 days. These women have hard physical jobs, suffer from a lack of concentration, and are subject to several ailments.

Pavitra said, “They are suffering from so many ailments like fevers and  headaches. These women are very poor. They are not able to pay the doctor's high fees for medical treatment.” Having learnt yoga, she felt that she should give back to the society. 

These women practiced yoga for 2 months and have since become more active and healthy. They have been able to invest some time in themselves and have cured themselves. The experience has taught Pavitra the advantages of  taking up an initiative, and come out of it more confident and with a better application for her skills.

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