Project: Best out of Waste

Posted on Monday, October 31, 2011 by LEAD

'Best' LEADer Winner 2010: Geeta Hegde
Project: Best out of Waste
Government First Grade College, Sirsi

The Idea: After vehicles use tires, is there another use of them? Yes, there is. These LEADers found an innovative idea to make use of these old tires. Tires can produce strong and durable ropes with a small investment and can generate self-employment for many villagers. One used tire can produce a maximum of 3000 ropes. A single tire usually costs Rs. 150, but can produce a maximum of Rs. 3000 as ropes.

The Activity: The LEAD team trained poor people how to extract ropes, so that they could do this as their livelihood activity. Before, many of these people didn’t have any means of living. Now, with this new method, they can find a way to make a living.

The Impact: Now, tires are no longer being wasted in this area. The poor people have a livelihood and are extracting ropes for a living. This project was such a success, that the team is getting multiple calls to come train people to do this type of work. The team hopes that this project can be a model for the rest of the state. 

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Anonymous Says....

hi geeta`... fab job .
really gives gud feeling after joining LEAD , as i sana a.k recently joined ,,,,,, Hope get still more innovation