Project: MAESTRO

Posted on Saturday, October 29, 2011 by LEAD

2.     Duration: 1/04/2011-15/04/2011

3.     Team Leader: Hemanth S. Joshi 

4.     Team Members: Parth B., Sashwath N., Pramod V., Nikhil J., Akshata Y.

5.     College: K.L.E.Institute of Technology-Gokul-Hubli

6.     Place of project implementation: college seminar hall

When Hemanth passed pre-university, he had to choose between an engineering degree or a medical one. This process was so confusing for him, that he decided to help other students out with their decisions.  

The team hung posters of the event in all of the colleges. All college students were invited. They also published the event in all of the campus newspapers, and got permission from the principal to arrange a bus to bring students in from different destinations. They also requested that the principal and dean to teach sessions on engineering.

The team only had a few days. They took this time frame as a challenge and with a new spirit completed the project. They faced other problems, like running out of time to announce the project in all colleges before all pre-university exams were over. However, they did not give up. They published the event in all possible ways and gathered nearly 110+ students.
The most memorable experience was when they approached the principal to ask permission to publicize the project. He treated them like strangers, insulted and criticized the event. They did not gave up. However, the principal did not budge and did not let them publicize. They were really surprised.

After doing this project, Hermanth learnt many things, like  teamwork and patience. He came to know about many places, new procedures and how to manage a team.
Because the team started late, they depended on LEAD to publicize their event. 

The greatest achievement of this project, Hermanth said, was that he "got more experience in how to organize a event and manage time. I came to know how to manage studies along with extra activities."

The team wants to continue this event in their college every year. This will be continued by their juniors. They are planning to partner with the Times of India and LEAD to make this event a big and successful event in the college.

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