Project: Water Purification

Posted on Friday, October 28, 2011 by LEAD

Team Leader: Jerusha Matapath Team Members: Sahana Shimikeri, Smita Patil, Keertu Nagavi, Sharat M.   Duration: 25th May - 27th May 2011 College: PC JABIN SCIENCE COLLEGE    Place of project implementation: SHIRGUPPI village 
Lake water is the only source of drinking water in the village for cooking and other domestic purposes. This has caused different health problems in the village, such as viral fever and infections. The people suffering had to travel a long distance to Hubli for treatment. Jerusha decided that the villagers needed to be taught various methods to filter water.
The project was done in a village named Shriguppi, 18kms from Hubli, with approximately 400 families. The team visited the village on 25th of May 2011 and, after a lot of effort, they were successful in convincing the Panchayat of the project's importance. Later, they gathered plastic filter knobs to distribute and prepared charts with several directional pictures. The villagers gathered in the nursery school for the lesson and the knobs were distributed.
The challenging task was convincing the Panchayat and gathering the people in one place. Another challenging task was to explain the importance of filtration through the charts in Kannada. The Panchayat was also asked to repair the filter machine, which had been given by the government.
The most memorable moment for the team was when they were standing in front of 100 people and trying to teach in Kannada, which was very difficult. At some point, people laughed at their grammatical mistakes. The purchasing of 350 knobs and preparing of charts all are very memorable experiences of the project.
Jerusha learned how to be a  good leader, to face all challenges, to co-operate, co-ordinate,  and work as a team. He said, "I’m good at projecting my ideas in front of people and this project has taken away the sense of shy feeling and made me friendly."
However, Jerusha thought the communication of the project could have been improved.  
Jerusha said, "The greatest achievement of this project was that the people there are now filtering the water before consuming it and the Panchayat has now repaired the filter given by government."
Jerusha would love to do the same project on a larger scale. His vision for the project would be to do the same kind of project with the latest technology on a larger scale in some other place.

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