Project: Road Revitalization

Posted on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 by LEAD

Leader: Prasanna Sarkuli
Team Member: Manjunath Naik, Aruna Naik, Shwetha Bhat
 Implementation place: Honagarmane to Ambegar and Hudlmane
Date: December 2010
College: MES College Sirsi
After seeing that the Honagarmane residents had been deprived of a road, Prasanna Sarkuli and team decided that they would construct one for the betterment of the people of the area. The road that was there was dangerous and had become a vast expanse of slush during the rainy season. With the help of the locals and assistance from the village Panchayat, the team accomplished the feat of building a working road. Truckloads of sand were used to make the road strong. 
The villagers and the hundreds of people that use the road were very appreciative of the team. Prasanna said the project was a joint effort by the LEAD team and locals. He said at the beginning many locals were in opposition to the idea. They resisted the project and stayed away. However, Prasanna did not lose faith and continued with the project. Prasanna said his confidence in his idea has only increased. He said that he has learnt how to approach the village Panchayat and speak with them. He has improved his communication with the villagers in getting them to agree to the benefits of his project.
The team has shown a spectacular display of teamwork and established a landmark in terms of accelerating development.

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