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Team Leader: Sindhoor Hegde 
Members:Vidya Hegde, Sandeep Hegde, Ravi Bhat
Project Date:  January 21, 2011
Place of Implementation: Yelugar, Benagi, Sankadmane and Mashigadde villages in Sirsi
College : MES Commerce college Sirsi

Team leader Sindhoor Hegde identifies with the saying "busy as a bee". Along with his team, he introduced 32 families of Yelugar, Benagi, Sankadmane and Mashigadde villages in Sirsi to beekeeping. Apiculture, or beekeeping, is the maintenance of a colony of bees to earn a profit. Sindhoor believes that this venture can be very profitable for those who wish to develop it as a profession. With that in mind, Sindhoor and his team distributed 32 boxes of bees across the 4 villages. The uniqueness of the project came from the introduction of different honey flavours, like pineapple, sunflower, beetle nut and wheat honey. 

 Many farmers, like Nagraj Hegde, Umesh Bhat, Prshant Hegde, Neelkanth Hegde and Ramchandra Hegde, have benefitted from this project. The response to the project has been overwhelming and the team has been receiving orders for the same. Sindhoor has developed an expertise in the area and has been guiding the villagers about the cultivation and maintenance of bees, the extraction of flavoured honey and other skills needed to be successful.

A total of 600 Rs was funded by LEAD while another 1500 was raised by the team. Funds were used to meet the requirements of project, such as arranging transport of bees and procuring bee boxes. When asked, Sindhoor said “although transportation of the bees is risky, we used cars and bikes, it was good being a part of an important venture which has created a way for many villagers to earn their livelihood and extra income. Personally this is an entrepreneurial venture that has added to my confidence.”

Through this project Sindhoor and team have established how complex and difficult projects can be undertaken with a little bit of team work and innovation.

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