Project: Renovation of Nehru Park

Posted on Wednesday, November 02, 2011 by LEAD

LEADer: Yuktha Chengappa M.
Project: Renovation of Nehru Park
Project Completed: January 2010
Duration: October 2009-December 2009
Location: Madikeri

The Idea: Nehru Park was created to commemorate the life of the former Prime Minister. Unfortunately, the park was in very bad condition. It was mainly being used for cattle grazing, open defecation, and other illegal works. The LEAD team had a vision of transforming this space back into a recreational area for the people nearby.

The Activity: The LEAD team approached the Municipal Corporation to get their assistance in cleaning the park. The Municipal Corporation was excited that someone would take the lead on this, so they gave them things such as dust bins. The LEADers cleaned the park and helped restore it to a clean environment once again. The Municipal Corporation committed to keeping this park clean and the police department provided security to guard the park.

The Impact: Now, families can come and enjoy this space on top of the hill. Kids can run around and play and the community can feel safe in these surroundings. This project is a great example of how ordinary students can work with their local government to create change.

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Pratik V Pandhare- Soul Of dRMZ Says....

restoring a theme of a place and a gr8 put up to living culture...good idea:) congo!!