Project: Study Garden for College

Posted on Wednesday, November 09, 2011 by LEAD

Duration: 29/10/2011- 3/11/2011

Team Leader: Akash Bugade   
Team Members: Krishnakumar M., Vishwaraj, Rashmi H., Sanjana N., Abhilasha M., Mallamma, Jeevan T., Soumya P., Shruti N.

College: Rural Engineering College, Hulkoti

Place of project implementation: Hulkoti campus

          Thanks to Akash and his LEAD team, 1500 Rural Engineering College students have a new, peaceful place to study.
          There were two main reasons Akash decided to build a garden at his college. The first was that the college did not have a proper place, outside the classroom, to sit and study. The second reason was that a nice, shady, airy garden would be a good place to study and spend leisure time.
       Initially, after getting approval for his innovative idea from LEAD, he had to get permission from his principal for the creation of garden made out of waste materials from around the college. Then the team got to work. They first had to clean the area which was currently a dumping place for the college. After cleaning, they cut weeds, made fences and painted and arranged a path to the garden. All they needed at the end were plants, which were being donated by each faculty. 
          Akash said that the most challanging aspects of this project were convincing the principal, cleaning the dumping area and maintaining team unity. Despite the challenges, he has learned how to express his ideas in better way, maintain unity and, mainly, he learnt how to lead.
          Akash said, “My biggest achievement was to see all our college teachers happy to have this park and the way we worked to make them and all the students happy. The principal was very much impressed because of our LEAD project and he has promised that he will fund all these kind of initiatives in future and will provide benches for sitting.”
          Akash wants to continue similar LEAD projects. He said, “My vision is to explore the area of park and to maintain its condition by continuous positive variations in its outlook. I would like to maintain this project as well as take another project, this time at even bigger scale than previous one.”

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