Yuva Summit 2012

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On January 15th, 2012, hundreds of students and educators gathered at the Deshpande Foundation with NR Murthy, 'Desh' Deshpande and other distinguished guests to celebrate the accomplishments of LEADers in 2011. Mr. Murthy gave an impassioned speech about the responsibility of the youth of create a better tomorrow. After inspiration words given by Murthy and Desh, some extraordinary leaders received the 'Best LEader Award' for 2011. Below are a descriptions of the leaders and their impressive projects.

Kiran Vidhyalaya

When Nagmani saw children begging in the street, she couldn’t stop herself from talking to them. She went to their house and, after speaking with their parents, discovered that the children were shackled to begging because of the dire financial situation of their families.  Seeing their financial condition, Nagmani decided to teach them for four months free of cost.  After teaching for four months, she was able to convince their parents of the importance of education. Twenty-five children who were begging earlier are now going to school.

Umesh Mayannvar
Clean the Canal

A canal, which supplied water to a 100+ acre land in a village, was blocked and the villagers were unaware of how to fix it. Umesh and his team of  young LEAders took the initiative to discuss this problem with the Gram Panchyat, as well  as the farmers. Umesh convinced them to get the canal cleaned. He also spoke to a JCB owner to help him out. Within a week the entire village got to work and the problem was solved. Because of this initiative, 1000’s of people have benefited.  The canal now brings water to 100+ to the village. 
Vijay Mane
Construction of Water Tank

Vijay from Gogte College of Commerce identified that people near Laxmi Temple in Manewadi- Ingali village faced a scarcity of drinking water. He took the  initiative and spoke with the Panchyat and the villagers and raised Rs 21000/- in cash and constructed a water tank. This water tank now benefits  more than 1000 people.

Vinay Patil
LED Lamps Out of Waste Bottles

Vinay decided to use his technical skills to solve a problem faced by underprivileged kids near Navge and Santibastwad in Belgaum. His observed that the frequent power cuts in Belgaum pervent many kids from being able to complete their school work or read. He  designed  50 low cost effective table lamps, which now illuminated the minds of the young school going children. The LED rechargeable lamps cost Rs 23 each.

Kunal Sambranekar

Water Purification

Is the water we drink everyday, actually ok to drink? Kunal Sambranekar, a young LEADer from Belgaum, took  the initiative of testing the water for its purity. He conducted the test in 23 villages across Belgaum district. Out of the samples tested, 90% of it failed to achieve the desired result. This meant that 90% of the water contained harmful bacteria, which causes disease like cholera and diarrhea. The press has covered this issue and the local government bodies and the  Panchyat are working on getting clean, drinkable water to the people in these 23 villages. This project is set to benefit 2, 00,000 people in the 23 villages.

Save Beggars

When Shruti saw a beggar woman distressed, she went to her and had a conversation. However, the interaction didn’t stop with the conversation. She found that her husband was disabled and she had to beg for a living and that they lived on the street. Shruti was determined to solve the beggar woman’s  problem. There were challenges which she had to face, but there was no reason for her to step back. She went to the Tashildar’s and discussed about this problem. She found that there was some scheme by the government for the beggars. Under the scheme,  Shruti got a  house constructed with Rs 10000/- and also managed to get the beggar woman employment with a regular income.

Construction of Toilets
Hygiene is a major concern in villages. Mallikarjun identified that villagers were ignorant about toilets. He wanted to educate villagers on the importance of having toilets constructed. This was challenging task. Eventually, Mallikarjun was able to convince the youth about his idea and they set out on a mission. Thousands of people, including the villagers, the swamiji joined hands together for this noble cause. In a span of 3 months 698 toilets were constructed with the help of local government bodies, the taluk Panchayat and the Gram Panchayat.

Sensitization of Historical Monument
Veeresh has done three projects; college parking, issueing  PAN cards and creating awreness about historical temple at Unkal. Through his PAN card project, he collected enough to support eight LEAD projects of his college. Based on his performance in LEAD, he has been promoted to Master Leader and is now the coordinator of LEAD REC Cell. He now coordinates  50 students in his college and  is mentoring all the projects. His temple project has received media coverage.

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