Beggars back to school

Posted on Friday, March 30, 2012 by LEAD

A middle class family girl Nagamani G. always had a soft heart about the poor and wanted to make people realize the importance of education & also wanted to make their lifestyle better. She wanted to apply her thoughts & bring a change in society.

As a result of Nagamani’s initiative now 25 out of 30 kids who were engaged In begging now have joined back to their school. She has got recognition in Yuva Summit 2012 where she was awarded as a Best Leader of the year by Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy. She strongly believes that her initiative will bring great change in the society and in the lives of young kids.
Inspired by her own thoughts Nagamani initiated teaching classes for begging kids in Haveripet, M R Nagar of Dharwad district in Karnataka. First of all Nagamani visited the area and talked to parents of children to get their views and need of creating interest towards education and conducting classes. She proposed this idea as a project to LEAD to get mentorship and financial support, her idea was noble so she got expected support. Every day she taught them for two hours for around continuous 4 months. She taught them Kannada and English alphabets numbers and some rhymes, in the process of teaching she used games, activities and theory classes.
The challenging part of the project was convincing parents and local residents of area they were reluctant to send their children to her classes. It was hard for her to build the trust on them and continuously keeping this trust for 4 Months.
Initially children were not so interested in studies and participating fully in all activities but now they seek to know more whenever she goes to their place.
Telling about her experience, Nagamani shares, “LEAD basically gave me an opportunity to implement my ideas. I learnt that beggars, especially children are forced to beg due to the family matters but they need a right mentor who can show them a right path. I am glad that LEAD gave me an opportunity to be associated with the children & at least bring a small change in their lives. My ultimate goal was to get them back to school.”
Nagamani expects proper response and support from government officers in this project.

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