Project: Water Facilty to School in Kundagol

Posted on Friday, March 30, 2012 by LEAD

Education is the most important part of everybody’s life; it helps to lead a dignified life. Neetha Hiremathm a student of BCBCET, Hubli, came across a school in a village called Kundagol close to Hubli, which was facing drinking water problems. Student had to drink water by asking the nearby houses. Leaders knew that for these school the afternoon's food is supplied by the government and drinking water is very important. Looking at all this Neetha decided to take up this as her LEAD project so that all those students could be helped.
She visited the school in Kundagol to know the actual situation and got to know that the problem came from the storing of the water. Teachers told them that they get drinking water from their respective homes. They expressed their idea to the school principal and got permission to make arrangements for water supply. After a week-long process the real work started on 18 Jan and ended on 22 Jan, 2012. She, with the help of her team members, made all the necessary arrangements before bringing the tank. Leaders arranged money to purchase the tank and utilized a part of money supported by LEAD to purchase syntax.  
The main challenge for them was to raise the fund for purchasing the syntax tank and  another was to carry the huge water tank from Hubli to Kundagol village.
The most memorable experience for the Neetha was the feeling of satisfaction that now children can drink safe water without any problems.

Neetha said that, “Through this project we learnt leadership skills and how to lead a team, how to resolve differences in a team. Finding out their problem and solving the same, it has been the greatest achievement. The outcome was that more than 100 children got benefited.”

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