Leadership Program 2012

Posted on Monday, June 11, 2012 by LEAD

Leadership programme is an astonishing program which aspires to add value to youth that has the potential to become a good communicator and leader, but this potential needs to be developed. 

Leadership programme does not restrict students to class room learning , but gives them practical exposure. Thus we came up with a 10 day camp which would give students a platform to realize experiential   learning. The main objective of the program is to discover and identify the leadership capabilities hidden in every individual and mobilizes these skills, make them experience the process of transformation in their own self and to imbibe ‘I CAN’ in your mindset.
Experiential learning enables participants to develop their potential through an immersive workshop experience that involves a mixture of introspection, discussion, debate, sharing of experiences, stories from around the world and leadership activities.

Objective of the Program:

 The focus of the program to be on improvise students practical, critical and creative thinking ability which are essential in today's world by helping students with IT, Leadership, Critical thinking, Creativity, Entrepreneurship. All of these are part of what the programme is described to bring to students, if they really participate actively and have a serious motivation.
Moreover, the plus point of this leadership programme it comprises of guest speaker sessions, direct interaction with global students and field visits to organizations, industries and the participants can go away with a strong set of frameworks to look at leadership effectiveness in them.

If you are looking at putting yourself through a leadership workshop, that is very practical and meaningful to each one of them - with a methodology that is highly experiential, LEAD invites you to take The Leadership Challenge!

Write an email to lead@dfmail.org to receive your copy of application. Batch starts from 5th of July, 2012. 

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