Leadership Program 2012

Posted on Monday, July 23, 2012 by LEAD

LEADERSHIP PROGRAM 2012, Season 2 started with lots of energy and excitement on 6 July, 2012 with 29 students, representing the LEAD locations of Hubli, Belgaum, Chikkodi, Nidashoshi, Chitradurga and Laxmeshwar (Bangalore). The invigorating induction program conducted by Mr. Krishna roused enthusiasm with ice-breakers, games, introductions, and a creativity workshop.

The second day of the camp started with an Effective Communication workshop by Ms. Amber where participants engaged in verbal and non-verbal communication activities. Then it was time for the creativity class led by Mr. Krishna with participants making and presenting creative collages. This was followed by Effective Leadership by Mr. Ajay wherein the students participated in activities defining “leaders” and “leadership”. The day ended with creative presentations and critical feedback on presentation skills.

Day 3 started with participant reflections followed by the second session of Effective Communication where Ms. Misty discussed effective conversations, conversation etiquette, and networking. This was followed by a workshop on positive emotions by Mr. Shashidhar and the second phase of Innovative Leadership by Ms. Neeta and Mr. Ajay. For the first “Role Model” session, Mr. Vivek Pawar, CEO of Sankalpa Semiconductors, energized participants with his wonderful presentation on the "Process of Learning", teaching the leaders the four stages of learning and provoking an exciting question and answer session.

Students started the fourth day with reflections, after which they attended an IT session conducted by Mr. Charles and Mr. Krishna from the Tech4C team. This was followed by Ms. Misty and Ms. Amber’s session on effective presentation techniques. The Innovative Leadership session by Ms. Geeta and Ms. Kavita focused on understanding vision, and students conducted a blindfold and vision tree activity. Later Ms. Neeta and Mr. Amrut introduced the DAC (direction, alignment, commitment) model and discussed students’ goals and visions. Mr. Naveen Jha’s role model session on self-excitement and positivity inspired the students, who enthusiastically responded to his presentation with a lively discussion.

A sparkling Day 5 started with another IT session followed by one on patenting by Mr. Anup Vijapur. Guest speaker Mr. Sashisekar, CEO of Nanopix, had a very interactive session on entrepreneurial thinking and positivity as a key to success in life. Participants then presented to their peers and facilitators in Ms. Amber and Ms. Misty’s effective communication session. Mr. Sanjeev Kulkarni, founder of Balbalaga, conducted a meaningful Role Model session on the "Joy of Learning". Later that night participants interacted with Mr. Roshan Raykar, founder of Artashastra, and enjoyed his animation and design work.

Day 6 was filled with engaging site visits starting at 6am with a visit to “Akshay Patra Foundation”, the world’s biggest kitchen, where the participants saw the foundation’s engineering innovations. They then traveled to "Kalkeri Sangeeth Vidyalay" and were charged up seeing the confidence of the young musicians and performers. After interacting with Mr. Charan, participants donated a fund of INR 2200 to the "Anna Dan" initiative of KSV. At "Bala Balaga" the school with a difference, participants saw how every element in the school was creatively designed and were amazed and motivated to see confident students interacting with them enthusiastically. At "The Agastya International Foundation", a hub of science experiments, innovation and creativity, participants interacted and got to experiment with the new concepts that the young children had designed and developed, sparking their curiosity and creativity. The participants ended the day with a visit to Elveety Industry (Parle Pvt Ltd) at Gokul road. Participants were energized by the visits, and Nandini, one of the participants, commented: "The practical exposure really helped me to understand the practical procedures and techniques as this was the first time I was visiting the enterprises I was really excited to know about them".

On Day 7, "Mismatch Day"; students embodied creativity, surprising DF members with their colorful hand-crafted costumes assembled for the day. Students transitioned from fashion expression to verbal expression with a reflection session on student presentations and ways to prepare and execute an effective presentation by Ms. Amber and Ms. Misty. Later, students partook in exciting team building activities that fortified team dynamics among the participants. This was followed by a debating session on "Reservation and Caste system" where students passionately defended their opinions, putting into practice their effective communication skills.  The day's excitement continued with the session "Connect the Dots" by active LEADer Deepak Giriyapur where students engaged in conversation with the Master Leader about his experiences.

Day 8 started with a Role Model Session by Mrs. Neelam where she discussed with the participants how to develop and fulfill their aspirations. Next, Mrs. Annie presented some helpful tips on resume writing. This was followed by an effective communication session presented by Mr. Rajesh where he discussed theories of communication. Mr. Sikandar, CEO of Sankalpa Rural Development Society, gave a guest speaker session about his personal and professional development. Mr. Vinod inspired the students with his talk "Pirates to Positivity" about developing a positive attitude.

Day 9 started with an exciting self-realization session by Mr. Vinod and student reflections. Participants were then divided into teams to begin planning for the leadership activity. Mr. Prashant conducted an informative session on RTI (Right to Information) which sparked curiosity in the students as to how to use this powerful tool to seek information from the government. Lastly, the day ended with an enthusiastic panel session with Mrs. Shravani (CEO Safehands), Mr. Gaurav Shah, (Partner Seven Beans), Mr. Roshan Raykar (Founder Artashastra Creative Studio),  Mrs. Prafulla Puranik (Branch Manager ICICI, Hubli).

Day 10’s early morning creativity session lets participants display their best creative capabilities on paper using paints and crayons. This was followed by an inspiring and interactive guest session with Mr. Pushparaj Mahanty, General Manger, Clarks Inn. In the afternoon, participants set out to make a difference in the lives of the Kalkeri Sangeeth Vidyalaya students by conducting a fund and resources collecting campaign. Covering many houses near Vidya Nagar, Deshpande Nagar,  Banashankari layout, Akki Honda, Janta bazaar, this successful drive demonstrated the skills learnt in the leadership program and resulted in a collection of Rs. 5000 in Cash and 100 kg's of rice and other materials. These leaders’ efforts proved that "Where there is a will, there is a way".
In the short span of 10 days, we saw a lot of personal development in all 29 participants who embraced the program with vigor and energy. We are happy with the overwhelming results and response we have seen during the course of the camp. The very exciting topical sessions, the powerful role models and the inspiring site visits sparked the participant’s imagination and enthusiasm.