Basic Leadership Course July 2012

Posted on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 by LEAD

With the objective of training and invigorating existing LEADers from each LEAD location we initiated the three day Basic Leadership Course residential camp on 28th July with 37 participants from Hubli-Dharwad, Belgaum, Chikodi, Nidasoshi, Sirsi, Davangere, Chitrdurga, Bijapur and Gadag. The first day started with an induction program and a lot of team building activities where the participants got to know each other.  This was followed by a session on LEAD Ideology by Mr Ajay.  Participating leaders then undertook an exercise to develop a further understanding of LEAD’s role in the college and community, how it helps youth, and what they can achieve with this program. Later the sessions continued with one on Effective Communication by Ms Amber. Overall the day was packed with a lot of energy and excitement.

The second day of the course started with a reflection on lessons from the previous day where participants related their learning to practical examples. Ajay engaged the Effective Leadership session, where the students discussed and participated in activities analyzing who is a leader and what is true leadership. After lunch, Ms Misty continued the Effective Communication module with a focus on public speaking and self-presentation. In the evening the participants had lot of team building activities where they practiced team-work, coordination, decision-making and communication.  The second day ended with a lot of energy, fun & learning. At the night participants understood their real motivational style through a questionnaire. Ajay facilitated the characteristics of each; achievement, power, affiliation and extension motivation styles.
The Basic Leadership Course came to a successful end with 29 active participants. The last day started with a creativity session by Mr. Radhakrishna where the participants expressed themselves on paper using their creative talent. This was followed by Ajay’s session on how to confront the external and internal influences that occur in decision-making. Participants found that family has an important role to play and the main lesson was that an individual’s self-awareness is very important in making a decision or getting help from others. At the end of the last day, participants made their individual action plan for using this learning and developing further using LEAD as a platform. They also shared their thoughts about the leadership program. The training saw a diverse group of students from various backgrounds who at the end of the course emerged to be confident, excited and energized to lead their respective LEAD locations for LEAD Season 5.

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