SDM Leadership Camp, 27-28 Oct

Posted on Monday, October 29, 2012 by LEAD

On 27th and 28th of October, 2012 SDM Leadership Camp was conducted and hosted by SDMCET Dharwad, a partnering college of LEAD. Out of 200 LEAD members, 45 best members were chosen for the Camp. LEAD members who had completed their one project or have shown leadership abilities during the period were selected for this camp. SDMCET, KLEIT, BVBCET, SKSVMACET(Agadi)-Laxmeshwar, Government Engineering College Haveri, Karnataka Science College Dharwad and DET's MSE students participated in this camp.

The objective of the camp was to bring excitement among participants, to help them to understand theirhidden talent, thought process on Innovative Ideas, Leadership skills,Time management, Think out of the box, Build Positivity, Learn Creativity through Art and Team building.
Ajay Suman Shukla and Abhinandan co-ordinated the overall Camp along with the SDM Leaders Govind, Manish, Kamlesh and LEAD Team members Radhakrishna, Geeta, Prashant, Vinod and Amrut were the key resource person. Mr. Prashant Dhargawe and Sharika Savkar from LEAD Nashik also took part in this camp.

 27th October, First day first sessions started with understanding the expectations of all the participants. Later based on the expectation, activities were organized to understand the team dynamics, team work, team building and coordination followed by Art and Creative Sessions.
Second Session was with vibrant presentation by Mr. Prashant Deshpande on Leadership Quality. This session included with outdoor activities on concentration and effective listening.
Scavenger Hunt and Presentation was organized at the SDM venue to make students understand the group dynamics. This was followed with a competition with 5 groups and winner group was selected based on team performance and craziest Ideas.
The day ended with Fun filled activities at SDM with delicious food but participants continued till mid night by sharing their experience of the day and fun activities.
28th October Second day, beginning with Surya Namaskara and outdoor activities such as dog in the bowl was taken place followed by an game activity was conducted to forgo egoness and further students were divided into 5groups and Self-Realization activity was conducted and a session was taken by Vinod Kumar with lots of Q&A which made students to realize and come out of their comfort zone, which had a very positive interaction group wise and also one on one session after the post lunch. Self realization activity was as combination of interactive session with few inspiring and mesmerizing videos which madeeveryone to think and keep innovation on everyone’s mind.

Second session was taken over by Amrut with an activity of business plan coming up with innovative ideas on the topics given to all the groups. Groups were asked to come up with innovative and crazy ideas on the product given to the team with a marketing strategy to be presented as a team. Presentation was judged by the team work, co-ordination, presentation skills, communication skills, innovative features and performance in Q&A session.
The Day was concluded by judging all the activities and by providing the necessary feedbacks to the students and followed by vote of thanks.

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