Chitradurga Leadership Camp

Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2012 by LEAD

Deshpande Foundation's LEAD program had conducted the Leadership camp on 3rd & 4th of November in SJM Matha with the support of SJMIT Engineering College at Chitradurga. The main objective of this camp was to build excitement & leadership qualities among the students. Two days camp was full with lot of practical activities and individual/group assignments. In this camp we had more than 50 students who participated from different colleges including the Davangere University, BIET, and GMIT from Davangere, and SJMIT Engineering College from Chitradurga.

The event saw some exceptional people including Dr. Chitrashekar, Director SJM College, Dr. Shivakumar, Principal and Professor Shridhar, HOD from SJMIT made their guest presence. Mr. Ajay Suman Sukla, Mrs.Deepashree, Ms.Kavita Kawlagi, Ms.Geeta Hegde from LEAD were the facilitator for two day camp and made the camp a grand success. The two days camp was hosted by SJMIT, LEAD partnering college.

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