Diwali and Children's Day Celebration by KLEIT LEADers

Posted on Thursday, November 15, 2012 by LEAD

KLE Institute of Technology’s LEAD team visited two meaningful places to spread the Diwali and Children’s Day joy on Nov. 14, 2012.  As a LEAD initiative, coordinated by LEADer Sai Prakash, they went to a home for the elderly, then to an orphanage, accompanied by some Deshpande Foundation staff and global exchange fellows.

At Hubli’s Society of Vincent de Paul Home for the Old Aged, situated in a quiet area with a nice little courtyard surrounded by palm trees, the LEADers set up a pooja area, long tables and chairs and paired up with the elderly for a game of Housie. Everyone got very excited and shouted out the numbers they needed, cheering when they got it and moaning when they didn’t. In the end, the sweetest old lady won ‘Full-Housie’ (all numbers on the card called). She was so excited she sang and did a little dance, which then led some of the LEADers and other residents to join in on the dancing as well.

The LEADers had prepared lunch from their respective homes: delicious dal fry, aloo, papad, rice and sambal, chapatti, beans, and dessert, and served all the elderly and guests. Once lunch was done, the majority of the elderly people went in to lie down for a nap. Roopa, Sneha, and Apeksha went inside with them to keep them company, painting the old ladies’ hands with mehandi and listening to their stories.

Before parting, the LEADers presented the elderly with gifts of shawls. The old people were very appreciative, and invited them to come back and visit anytime they liked.

The next stop was the City Church Orphanage situated in Chetana, where the LEADers took around fifty children to the nearby park where they could run around and play. They led games such as musical chairs and spoon races, and the global exchange fellows Misty, Lindsey, and Michelle taught the children some English songs and games as well. Everyone had a lovely time playing until the sun went down, at which point everyone sat down and the LEADers handed out snacks and sweets to the kids. The LEADer then led all the children in song, and presented gifts to each of the kids: notebooks, pencils, pens, sharpeners, erasers, and other stationery items. Leaders raised around Rs. 5000 from the local residents of their area for this leadership activity. The collaborative efforts of KLEIT LEAD members; Shruti K., Aamir S., Bharath, Apeksha P., Sharat, Prabhudev, Sai Prakash, Roopa, Sneha, and Kushal made the children very happy, and it warmed the hearts of everyone involved to see them so.
Ajay Suman Shukla, Functional Head of LEAD along with staff and global fellows participated in activities and were present day long during the function. 

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sapnesh naik Says....

Well, there is no better thing than spreading happiness and love amidst the one who have been neglected by there own family. It touched me and made me think about what they would be feeling and what i should be doing. Goodwork leaders. Keep spreading happiness.