Project: LEAD Library

Posted on Wednesday, May 22, 2013 by LEAD

Santosh G Katral (KLECET)

The village of Honwad did not have a decent library.  Santosh wanted to create a library for the villagers, particularly the students, to enhance creativity, education, and provide them a place to study.

Construction of the library started with making a list of requirements and collecting the necessary materials.  Santosh and his team approached Shrikant Talakeri, Uttam Katral, Gopal Katral, Anil Natikar, and Prashant Uttare and collected over 400 study materials such as textbooks, exam books, notes, quote books, storybooks, and magazines.  Prashant Talakeri, the President of the library, provided space for the library without requiring any rent.  Santosh and his team then appointed people for the management positions of the LEAD Library.

The LEAD Library has been very helpful to villagers and students alike in Honwad.  Santosh says that the most important lesson he learned from this is that "when major problems arise, we should try to do something different than others."

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