LEADer Neha from Chikodi Brings Smiles to Beggars' Faces

Posted on Thursday, September 12, 2013 by LEAD

Neha Koravi, a LEADer of B K College Chikodi, decided to celebrate Independence Day differently. She thought of doing something for the beggars who keep roaming on the roads for food. She had collected sweets and money from her friends and family in advance, and had decided to distribute them to the beggars on the eve of Independence Day. On the 15th of August, she walked the roads and found beggars asking for food and money. She went to them, talked with them, asked about their health issues and assured them she would be happy to help them anytime again. She distributed the sweets and food to some of the beggars in Chikodi. After talking to Neha, the beggars felt that even they have someone to care for them. After talking to the beggars, Neha felt very happy and satisfied for bringing a smile on beggars' faces.

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