Nidasoshi LEADer Provides Books for Government School Children

Posted on Thursday, September 12, 2013 by LEAD

Manjunath Matagar, a LEADer of SJPN Trust's BCA College, Nidasoshi, thought of doing something for school-going children who cannot afford required school supplies. Instead of giving them money to buy books, he thought, There must be a more affordable solution. He started collecting unused pages from friends. After all the collection, he went to a book binder to have the books bound. However, the binder said it would be expensive. But when Manjunath told the binder about his project and its intention, the binder agreed to bind the books for a lower cost. Manjunath successfully created 63 books! He and his team distributed these books to a local government school. This project brought a smile on the childrens' faces, and in turn brought a smile on Manjunath's face.

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