My Story: Nthinkumar Meghannavar

Posted on Thursday, September 12, 2013 by LEAD

Nithinkumar Meghannavar (GIT, Belgaum)

 I joined LEAD to get a platform to execute different projects.  When I was growing up, I hesitated to share my ideas because I was not sure how people would react to them.   The problem with this was that I never moved forward with anything.  
Ever since childhood, I have had many technical ideas, but I hesitated to share my ideas because I wasn't sure how people would react to them.  The problem with this was that I never moved forward with anything.  
Joining LEAD gave me a platform to execute my ideas as projects and allowed me to change my thinking.  Now, I come up with ideas aimed at solving problems and helping society.  I’m finding opportunity in within adversity-I’m thinking like an entrepreneur.  
Since I was young, I noticed a problem with overhead water tanks.  Often when people fill up their water tanks in their homes, many tanks get overfilled if they forget to turn off the switch, causing a huge wastage of water as it spills off.   In my project "Automated Water Pump", I designed a technology that automatically turns on the water pump when water tanks are low, and switches off the pump when the water tank is full.  While other products of this nature cost around Rs. 2000, Nitkinkumar's model only costs Rs. 250.  
Ronnie Screwvala, CEO of UTV Group, personally congratulated and complemented me on my project during LEAD6 Kickoff in August 2013.  Ronnie said to him, "Present India needs youth leaders with such talent."  That was such a golden moment for me.  

 I am currently in the process of making a business plan to sell my Automated Water Pump as a product.  I’ve received some orders from displaying my project at various LEAD events, but I want to market my product on a bigger scale.  I many other technical ideas in mind; my ultimate goal is to set up a brand name for all of my innovative projects.  
I want people to know that LEAD is a good opportunity for people with ideas who want to help and be recognized by society.  I thank LEAD and DF for providing me such good support and being with me through good and bad.  LEAD helped me transform from a normal student, to a leader, and then finally, to an entrepreneur.

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