Chikodi LEADer Empowers 30 Women by Teaching Them Signatures

Posted on Sunday, September 15, 2013 by LEAD

Sonali Desai, a LEADer of Women's College Chikodi, is from a village near Chikodi. She always appreciated the good education she had received, and she wanted to improve the education of other women in her village. So she came up with the idea to teach signatures to the women of her village. She started by visiting the homes of the women. At first, the women refused. But she didn't give up. She told them the importance of knowing one's signature. 30 women finally began to realize the importance of signatures and all agreed to let Sonali teach them how to write their signatures. Sonali additionally taught them some basics of writing. After the session, village women started signing for documents instead of using thumb impressions. This was a great empowerment initiative by Sonali in her village and by seeing the success of this project, more women are approaching Sonali and asking her to teach them also. Sonali is happy to teach to anyone who comes to her. She is a proud LEADer now, as she feels that she is the reason behind the change in the life of rural women. 

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