My Story: Soumyashree Ramannavar

Posted on Wednesday, September 04, 2013 by LEAD

Soumyashree Ramannavar (HIT, Nidasoshi)


I joined LEAD because of the blue shirts.  I remember seeing the blue shirts everywhere.  I used to see the blue shirts outside, seeing the real needs of society and solving problems.  I thought to myself, who are these people?

I study at Nidasoshi, but I live in Belgaum, meaning that I have to travel 60 kms to college and back every single day.  I spent a lot of time traveling.   I used to spend a lot of time thinking.   

But I was also a very silent girl.  I rarely used to speak with anyone.  I used to travel to college, attend classes, and then come straight home.  While I had a lot of thoughts, I had trouble seeing the potential of my thinking.  

Joining LEAD allowed me to put my thoughts to work.   In my first project, I conducted career guidance for students in villages.   I felt motivated to do this project because I noticed that many village students were unaware of options for their futures.   They would go to college and get their degrees, but in the end, they would just pursue farming.  I wanted them to know that other choices were out there.  

Because I was not used to speaking with people, my first project on career guidance was challenging.  However it was also very helpful, both for the students and for me.  Not only was I able to help them think differently about their futures, but I developed a different way of thinking and learned how to teach, convince, and connect with people.  

My second project really took me out of my comfort zone.  When people see beggars on the street, they usually just ignore them.  People might think briefly about the beggars, and maybe even feel for them, but the action stops there.  I decided to help them.  I found it really difficult to communicate with them, though, because they lacked knowledge about a lot of basic things.  Speaking with them was also very intimidating, because their lifestyle was completely different than mine, and because I had so many preconceptions about them.  But I faced my discomfort head on, and interacted with them.   I taught them yoga and basic social skills.  Most of the beggars are now off the streets and living for themselves.  One of the beggars in particular showed promise, and I taught him the alphabet and basic literacy skills.  I encouraged him to take a job as a sweeper.  Now he’s earning Rs. 6000 every month and is living for himself.

Working for LEAD as an intern for Yuva Summit was another fantastic opportunity.  My LEAD projects had taught me how to work for society, and then my internship taught me how to work as a professional.  I was responsible for overseeing the creativity and decorations outdoors during Yuva Summit.   Some of my creative ideas have even been implemented in other events.  Personally meeting Ratan Tata, though, has to be one of the greatest memories from Yuva Summit.

LEAD totally changed my thinking and how I live my life.  LEAD is something totally different which provides you with practical and self-learning, as well as enjoyment.  I plan on staying involved with LEAD for a long time.  No matter what I do, or how old I become, LEAD will always be there to support me.  

5 Response to "My Story: Soumyashree Ramannavar "

Phanindra Sama Says....

Excellent work Soumyashree! The difference you made to in the person's life (who took up the sweepers job) is phenomenal!

KISHORE Says....

No words what you did. Can't even imagine. The different you did make me also think about the society and welfare. Soumyashree Ramannavar I wish you all the best.

Imaginedtostartblogging Says....

Great! It is inspiring, specially when you helped beggar change his course and help him stand more firmly in the society. Cheers!

Bharath Jakkani Says....

awesome job, what you did for that beggar, inspiring.

sagar giraganvi Says....

No words what you did. Can't even imagine. The different you did make me also think about the society and welfare.