Bidar College Canteen Revamped, Thanks to LEADers!

Posted on Sunday, November 10, 2013 by LEAD

At every college, the canteen is always the most popular and populated place on campus.  College canteens have transformed from merely a place for eating to a place for socializing.  However, at GND College, Bidar, students were not able to fully enjoy their college canteen, as it was in poor condition due to an unhygienic environment.  Bidar LEADer Sudeep Kumar Sharma decided to help his fellow students make their canteen experience more enjoyable.  He gathered a team of other LEAD members and they worked for 7 days cleaning the surrounding area, repairing the ceiling, installing a wash basin, and painting the walls with artistic designs and pictures.  Because of Sudeep's project, the canteen at GND is now the place to be on campus!

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