Engineering Student Revolutionizes Education in Her Locality

Posted on Monday, November 11, 2013 by LEAD

The best way to promote a community and make it thrive is through education.  However, one of India's biggest challenges is that many children are not receiving proper education, or being educated at all. 
LEADer Shweta Babli from Maratha Mandal Engineering College has taken action to revolutionize the education sector at a local level.   Despite her stressful study schedule as an engineering student, Shweta has used her strengths as an aspiring engineer to promote the education children who had dropped out of school.  

Shweta had always wanted to do something to help her community, and she took advantage of LEAD to do so.  In her locality, she noticed many children from poor families not attending school.  Wanting to help the children, Shweta approached them and asked why they were not attending school.  The children told her that they had a desire to learn, but due to their family's economic status, they were not able to attend school regularly.  Recognizing the potential of these young children, Shweta decided to teach them herself.  She then approached the parents to receive their permission to teach the children.  After discovering that Shweta would teach the children for free, the parents were eager to send their children to Shweta's classes. 

Shweta has been regularly teaching 35 children mathematics and science, which are some of the most difficult, yet important, subjects in school.  The number of children attending the classes is growing every day.

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